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mayor michael bloomberg says it will remain in effect for a while. >> if you had weather like we had yesterday, not a big deal. if it gets cold it means trouble. >> what a difference a day makes. we walked outside and it was much cooler. with that we are going to be much cooler as we go through today and the rest of the week as well. getting the kids off to school, you are taking them to the school bus, make sure your bundle them up and have the rain gear. the rain coming down , the temperature coming in at 47 degrees, things will improve rain wise as we go in to the afternoon. meeting few peaks of sunshine. on the cool side heading out and about. be aware of fog in spots this morning, we are talking about york, we have reduced visibility, four miles, 7 frederick, 7 winchester. culpepper 7 miles reduced visibility. good morning, turn on the low beams to combat the fog.
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there is a lot of reduced visibility on the roads. in addition, we are still dealing with the water main break from yesterday. you will want to avoid mount vernon. many roads are going to be shutdown including madison street, closed from fallsway to calvert, gillford avenue, closed from madison to monument, if you are using the jfx, that's your best route. be aware that the off ramp to gillford is now closed. as we check in and look at 83, north of 695, traffic is moving along, no delays in to the city, and if you are using 95, downtown, here is what it looks like 395, no problems to report. no delays through the fort mc henry, harbor going to be in great shape. you are looking now at the abc time save traffic drive times, 695, no problems to report, 95 up to 83. that takes you 11 minutes. normal conditions, on the west side, 11 minute ride as well on
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the outer loop, 795, down to 95. here are the stories we are working on for you for good morning maryland, coming up at 5:00. >> retired state trooper jumps in to action when a man pulse pulls a gun at a store. a arizona woman is furious about president obama being ree legislated and takes it -- re- elected and takes it out on her husband, she put him in the hospital. those stories and more coming up.
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consumer news, retailers are pushing to get customers out to shop on thanksgiving day happy. the move l;up sets customers an clerks. they plan to open as early as 8:00 on thanksgiving night, on change dot original a employee started a petition to save
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thanksgiving for family. last year, a quarter of black friday shoppers were already at the stores in line by midnight, some showed up earlier. what will your paycheck look like next year. >> congress gets back to work on the fiscal cliff. talking to an economics expert about how it could impact you. a police officer is in big trouble, a live report with new information after the officer is accused of sexual misconduct. >> retired state trooper breaks up a convenient store robbery, it's caught on camera. your home isn't where you're happiest. new findings about healthy living depending on where you live. good morning, i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us. hope you got a chance to get
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outside and enjoy yesterday. if you looked out your window this morning, it's not as pretty. >> it's cold what is going on out there? >> i gave the count down yesterday, remember how the rain was back off towards the west, i told you it was marching towards us. we have it this morning. we have the cold front, that sliced through the yeah, bringing the showers -- area, bringing the showers with it. we have the heaviest rain now, in virginia, around winchester, stevens city, front royal, traveling that way, be prepared. dealing with heavier rain, back off towards the north as well. around york, pennsylvania, slideing that way, around biglerville, dealing with wet weather along i-76 and 70, that's where the moderate rain is falling. 45 elkton, 46 arnold. last stop, glen burnie, 44 degrees. cold rain continuing through the rest of the morning and then we will have better time
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by lunchtime, temperature coming in at 50 degrees, and the rain should be tapering off by then. back over to you. we are still dealing with the effects of yesterday's water main break, if you can, avoid mount vernon, many roads will be shutdown including madison, that's between fallsway and calvert street. gillford closed between madison and monument streets. if you can use the jfx, do so. do be aware the off ramp is shutdown. as we look here at the scene, repairs are underway, this is a 30-inch break, they are trying to fix. no word on when the repairs will be complete. from the looks of it it's going to be a while. something to keep in mind. if you are traveling out on the beltway, as we check in and look in parkville, harford, we are off to a wet start. dealing with fog, no delays if you travel up towards towson. that is going to be the good news, if you are traveling the
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rest of the beltway, no problems to report on the west side, you are looking at normal conditions, 11 minutes on the outer loop, 795, down to 95, everything up to speed through fort mc henry tunnel. 8 minutes from 695 to the toll plaza. this morning, a baltimore city police officer has been suspended over allegations of sexual misconduct. sherrie johnson is live this morning at police headquarters with more on the case. >> reporter: we are here live at city police headquarters, last night the new police commissioner, held a news conference talking about the alleged misconduct of an officer. this happened yesterday, a 39 yield officer worked out of the north western district on reisterstown road w the department for 13 years and now he is facing possible criminal charges, in connection with an incident involving an 1 year old woman. -- 18 year old woman.
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commissioner bat used the term sexual misconduct and said the crime occurred while the officer was on duty. it could indicate that the 18 year old woman had been detained by the officer who in a sex act occurred. police would not confirm that. the city state's attorney office started to look in to the case to decide whether criminal charges should be filed. >> over the weekend, the special investigation section received complaint of misconduct between an 18-year- old female and on duty baltimore police department officer. >> now, officer elliot simon is being investigated for what could be a felony charge. also, he has been suspended without pay. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. fighting crime must be in his blood. a state trooper is hailed a hero for preventing a robbery. the entire thing, caught on
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surveillance cameras. you see a thief walked in to chrome dairy and deli in cecil county. pulled a gun and demanded money. the trooper was in the store at the time during the robbery. he got the chance, he jumped on the robber, wrestled the gun away from him. >> trooper is a hero. that's what i'm trying to say. he is the guy who saved my wife's life and everybody's life. >> the trooper's quick thinking kept everyone safe , the robber did get away with the cash. witnesses say he escaped in a white or silver ford explorer. anyone with information or the robber's identity if you saw anything in the video, you should call the cecil county sheriff's office. a man accused of killing his roommate in a state hospital is expected in court today. he is charged with murder in the beating death of a man.
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his lawyer will argue he was sexually abused and acting in self defense. trial is scheduled for february 4th. conference of catholic bishoping is meeting in baltimore. lake conference is holding a conference outside the meeting. they want the bishop to drop affiliation with the republican party. the group has 20,000 signatures they will present, this is happening in at 11:00 at the marriott water front. new study finds growing evidence that your neighborhood can have impact on your health. people living in baltimore's lower income neighborhoods had worse health outcomes than those in more affluent areas, people who live the long nest greater areas like -- longest in greater areas, live to the age of 86. the shortest was in the upton heights neighborhood, 57 years old. a press conference will be held today to discuss the disparities and what can be
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done about them. time for a check on your weather, over to meteorologist, lynette charles. it's looking cold, it's looking rainy outside this morning. we are also going to deal with winds from the northwest at a- 15 miles an hour, we will have gusts up to 25 as we head through the rest of the day. you need the heavy coat stepping out the door , the rain gear, double up. 43 jessup. millersville 45. owings mill 41. 99% humidity. talking about patchy fog across looking at the satellite and radar , the stories once gone, that wet weather coming down, heaviest towards the west and to the north, and to the south. this is pushing through, we look at the bigger picture, we see there is clearing behind the frontal boundary, happening more in to the afternoon time frame, chilly with the snow on the backside. now a check of the traffic with loren cook. we are dealing with rain this morning as well as fog, do
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expect reduced visibility in mount vernon, dealing with the effects of the water main break from yesterday. roads shutdown including madison, falls wayne, gillford, closed between madison and monument. use the jfx. the off rach to gillford will be -- ramp to gillford will be closed. no problems through the tunnels. as we look at 83, hunt valley, everything will be up to speeds no delays shawan down the beltway, over to you. for the past week, you heard more about the looming fiscal cliff. what does this mean for me? >> coming up next, we will be joined by an economist to explain how the impact of the looming congressional standoff could affect your bottom line. crews working to repair that broken water main in mount vernon. how much progress has been made and when the roads will be back open. we'll be right back. ♪
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why let constipation stry miralax.? mirlax works differently than other laxatives. it draws water into your colon to unblock your system naturally. don't wait to feel great. miralax. congress returns to session and the biggest issue on their plate is the fiscal cliff, involves the expiration of tax
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breaks and program cuts. it would likely affect you. dr. darius joins us from towson university. good morning. >> thank you for having me today. >> talking about fiscal cliffs one of the first things you said, it's not a cliff. >> most pundits put it as a fiscal slope to 2014, three impacts, cut in federal spending, the bush era tax cuts which expire december 2013, the immediate payroll deduction. the bush era tax cuts, most people won't feel until 2014 when they file the 2013 tax returns. the payroll deduction, you will probably feel, for income of 50,000 , which would be a thousand dollars a year, the impact for the federal spending won't be felt until october the
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thousand 13, many state -- 2013. many state programs may feel an impact in june of 2013. >> the clock might be prolonged a bit. if we get in to 2013, and they kick off, how is it going to affect those paying their bills at home. >> it will be a struggle, some people, estimate, from 1000, to $3000 for a households. which would be about a utility bill on a monthly basis or a cable bill or cell phone bill. it won't be good. it won't be disastrous. the bigger picture is the jolt to the economy, may not be immediate couldn't cause the economy to kick back in to a recession, minus point 9%, to minus 3.5%. maryland has more to worry
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about. tax rates are going to go up. we will r a state that works closely with the federal government. any cut backs, in nondefense and defense will impact maryland more so than kansas or indiana. >> leaders come back in session today, while we see expiration going to be in session 16 days. can you realistically see them coming up with a resolution? [technical difficulties]
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>> two years we have been watching this, republicans in the house, democrats in the isn't and the president, kind of going back and forth with this, it's a stare down of sorts. nothing has changed. when congress comes, in nothing has changed. >> realizing that, but something has changed. the u.s. re-elected an individual for the first time, second time, with high unemployment rates. there is a mandate to continue on to his policies. congress, there were slight shifts in the numbers. overall, there is a sense of maybe people want congress to do something. the message maybe do something, don't just sort of stop and say we are not going to proceed forward. >> thank you for your time. the clean up from sandy continues in new york and long island, they are running out of money. governor andrew cuomo plans to
5:16 am
ask $30 billion in aid. new york spent 134 million on emergency relief. gasoline will come to an end in new jersey this morning at 6:00. remain as place in new york city, also in long island, and the city's mayor, michael bloomberg says it will continue for sometime. this morning, as we look at the satellite and radar, both quite active. we see the radar part with the rain pushing from the west to the east, this will continue as we go through the rest of the morning on the backside of the system, cold air funneling. in you can see snow around michigan right now, the great lakes also picking up on that as we go through the rest of the day. things will improve in terms of the wet weather dying out. the colder air will begin to move in here. high pressure will begin to move in. that's going to clear out our skies. tonight, we are going to be able to drop the temperatures off. once again, not seeing snow, because of the fact, well, we
5:17 am
missed the timing of the cold air with the rain. it's falling in rain and not snow. looking at the temperatures this morning, coming in 42 degrees, baltimore, arnold 45 degrees, 41 degrees northville and centerville, 47 degrees this morning. also very breezy, looking at the future trend, this rain will push out of here and you can see what we have on the backside, plenty of sunshine especially as we go in to tomorrow. by lunchtime, today, it is going to be cool, that will continue, as we go in to the 3:00 hour, in to wednesday, temperatures will drop down to 48 degrees, we will stay get low average in the 7 day term with rain coming in by next week. now a check of the traffic with loren cook. good morning, we are off to a foggy start, turn on the low beams this morning, there is a lot of reduced visibility. you will want to avoid mount vernon, dealing with the effects of the water main break from yesterday. madison street is shutdown from
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fallsway to calvert street. gillford, closed from madison to monument streets. use the jfx, be aware the off ramp to gillford will be closed. linda so will bring you a live report in a few minutes. jfx, no delays from the beltway, all the way downtown to east fayette street. levering be up to speed -- everything will be up to speed. 95 downtown, 395, no problems getting through the fort mc henry. 695, heading over to parkville, this is harford road, rain drops on the camera, the roads going to be slick due to the rainfall this morning. no delays headed up towards towson. crews are working to repair that broken water main break, that loren was talking about, it's in the area of mount vernon. that break is about half the size of the one last week on charles street. it is causing problems. that's where we finds linda so in mount vernon.
5:19 am
if you know anything from peabody to mercy, people travel around there. how is it looking? >> reporter: there is a hole in the grounds. they have made progress. crews removed the broken section of the main, they are smoothing out the edges rights now. so when the morning crew comes in, they can replace it with a new one. this is a 30-inch main that broke on madison street, mount vernon yesterday morning. homes and businesses lost water, mercy had to deal with low water pressure. this is the fourth break in two weeks. water mains like this one on madison could date back to the 1800s. bpw says it's in the beginning stages of the plan to speed up the amount of water main it replaces from under 5 miles a year to 40 miles. >> it's old.
5:20 am
we are talking seriously old, that hasn't been addressed the way it needs to be. >> of course the cost of the repairs will come out of your rising water bills. dpw says it's necessary because of how old the pipes are. crews are hoping to fix the break so it won't cause traffic problems. linda so, abc2 news. something many doctors recommends before having your cholesterol checked. new research says fasting before that check up may not be necessary at all. we will tell you why. washington state, made pot legal for recreational use. some employees say they don't care. why sparking up could impact your job prospects when good morning maryland continues. how far will people go to relieve their sore throat?
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well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. doctors recommends you fast before having your cholesterol taken. however, a new canadian study finds fasting before a
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screening maybe unnecessary. the cholesterol test checks the levels of fat in your blood. researchers found little difference in levels among people with different fasting time. you maybe asking to fast if you are getting the cholesterol checkedment it maybe that you don't know, you may have to reschedule. recreational main was made legal in colorado and washington state but it can get you fired. jobs will drug test before they hire you. with the pot law, a numb of companies say if you have pot in your system, they are not going to hire you. an attorney warns, they are not protected from federal prosecution. before you light up, you may want to consider the employment risks there in. stay with us this morning, more stores are announcing the plans to start holiday shopping early. we got new numbers for you about how shoppers habits could have prompted the retailers to go towards opening their doors
5:25 am
sooner than in year's past. oxford is ready to roll out the word of the year. we'll be right back.
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can you think of a word you heard more than any other word this year. if you thought of gif. you are on board. it's a type of file that shows up like a short looping video on web sites all over the place now, some of the other contenders thrown out there, super storm, yolo, if you are wondering what is yolo? you only live once. and according to the national retail federation last year, a quarter of black friday shoppers were already at stores by midnight, some of them came earlier. retailers are looking to capitalize. wal-mart, toys are us, target, k-mart and sears are opening on
5:29 am
thanksgiving day,ing at the is the latest store to announce it will be opening thursday at 9:00. wal-mart and toys r us will have been open for an hour, and opening up at 8:00. when people get upset, they need to keep in mind the long lines out there, retailers are going to capitalize early. stay with us, the list of retailers, black friday, the deals moved to thursday, showing workers, not enough.

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